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20 April 2013 @ 02:59 pm
[BBC Merlin] On 5x08: The Hollow Queen  
Wow okay. So many things I did not like about this episode.

-The way none of the knights did anything to try and defend Merlin.
The way none of the knights even seem suspicious of Gwen's behaviour for that matter.
-"A tincture. With the power to kill. Not just to kill, but to do so slowly and with the utmost pain." I was promised whump. Where is it.

-Gwaine remembers the conversation he'd had with Merlin.
-Gwen/Arthur. After awaking. No, it can't be Merlin. Merlin as the one who would never betray.
-Merlin sneaks out of the cell; he is the only one who can comfort Arthur?
-council room. Merlin supports Arthur.

"Melin has been arrested for treason. He's been in the dungeons for two nights now, sire," Gwaine added.
Arthur: SPAZZES.